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Come Away Beloved

August 7,2007

Son 2:10 My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

 My Beloved called me to come away with Him to His chamber, to that secret place, to come and learn of His love, to know Him Intimately. He spoke clearly to me as I read this verse, and I heard calling me away all day and night. I kept hearing "Come away." He then begin to reveal things to me, about His love, and how He jealously yearns for me to desire Him above all things. He began to show me how He wants more then for us to just talk about Him, and to pray to Him as if he was in some far distant place. He wanted me to know that He is right there with me, and when I worship Him in truth and in Spirit it draws Him to me.   He is nearer then our breath, He wants us to come to him, seek Him, and he will come to us.

Worship brings us to that place of intimacy with Him, he wants us to now Him in this way, he has always wanted us to enjoy Him in this manner, not just as an angry God of wrath that brings judgment to those who disobey and choose to worship idols.  He will be this as well to those who spurn His love and refuse to obey Him. When we choose to KNOW HIM and WORSHIP HIM, LOVE HIM, he reveals His fullness, His great love. He is beautiful, and He loves us so much. he will woo us to himself with love, he will call us, "Come Away With Me", but when we ignore Him, as if we cannot be bothered He stands back and watches us yearning for us to seek him.

The more you know our beautiful God, and Love Him, the more you will desire to honor Him, to obey Him. he wants us to burn for Him to have a passion for him to long for His very closeness, just as in bridal love. Sin is really our lack of love for Him, because He has said if you love Me, obey my commandments and His commandments are not grievous.
If we continue to sin in any way it shows that we do not really love Him with all of our heart, mind and strength. The Lord has said, "If you seek Me, you shall find me. And ye shall seek me and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. I love them that love me; And those that seek me diligently shall find me". He said, " I am as close as your heart".

When we talk about Him religiously as a far off God, that shows our lack of relationship with Him, it lacks intimacy. He is our bridegroom, and He wants the same intimacy we have with our spouse or loved ones. Yet not one that fades with time, but one that is like our first love with our spouse. Like we had with the Lord in the beginning. Our hearts burning with love for Him, longing to spend time with Him, our hearts were like a flame of fire. But just as our hearts burned with love for our spouse, we found that over time, we were distracted with other things, we got busy, things became hum drum and we lose that longing, that flame that burned for one another. 

 We may have learned that we never really knew this person before we were married, truly knew the heart. Sometimes love blinds one to truly knowing a person, but as time goes on if that relationship was not developed in intimacy that fire will burn out. And you do not want to listen to the other person, you shut your ears to what they are saying. This happens because you didn't make this person your one true love, you didn't make this person your very best friend. You took your focus off that person and you drifted away. This is exactly the way it often is with our bridegroom Jesus.

 We can never be fully pleasing to our Lord, until we have true bridal love with Him, of course I am not talking about physical love but the love from the heart, that longing, that deep fire that burns for our loved one.

As long as we keep Him at a distance we will never be completely free of the stain of sin, he wants to burn off all of shackles of sin. Because it is our love for him with all of our hearts mind and strength that causes us to want to please Him, we want to continue to receive the great love He gives us when we are in the bridal chamber, we do not want to do anything to lose that. We would do nothing to hurt Him or bring shame to His name. Everything we do for Him in service should be from this fiery love we have for Him. this is the place he wants us to be.
The Lord has said to love Him with all of our heart, and yet we often proclaim our love for him but it is only with our lips and not with the heart. Isa 29:13 And the Lord said, For as much as this people draw nigh unto me, and with their mouth and with their lips to honor me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear of me is a commandment of men which hath been taught them; This is how it is sometimes with those we love, after awhile it seems that they speak to us with words of love but their heart is far from us, it makes us feel as though they really do not love us, that they are really mouthing the words.

True love comes from the heart of hearts, it is a love that nothing can quench true love. For love is strong as death; Jealousy is cruel as Sheol; The flashes thereof are flashes of fire,  A very flame of Jehovah. Son 8:7 Many waters cannot quench love, Neither can floods drown it: If a man would give all the substance of his house for love, He would utterly be contemned.

This is the kind of love we must have for the Lord, and what he longs for us to have. We learn to love others through His love for us, as we give ourselves over to Him in love, He begins to show us how to love others, by loving them through us. we cannot do this until our heart is given over to Him in intimacy, when you are so smitten with Him you do not want to leave His Presence for even 5 minutes. You forget all about yourself in that time alone with Him, he is all there is for eternity. Endless love. Your focus is on Him alone, this is how He wants us to live daily. My beloved is mine, and I am his: He feedeth his flock among the lilies. He is our beloved and He wants to teach us about love, and He wants us to KNOW HIM.
The children of Israel didn't want to hear God, they didn't want Him to come near, they were so afraid of Him, they asked Moses and other vessels to speak for Him, this is the same as it is today. the people do not to want to hear God for themselves but listen to their Pastor who may or may not have heard from God, or they listen to a prophet, or some other man of God rather then listen to hear what God has to say to them personally through the word or through the Spirit. The Israelite's feared God because of their sins, but they never realize how merciful and compassionate our beautiful God was and is. They never learned how much they were loved. They are His beloved. We are His beloved.

What would happen in our own marriage, if we continued to reject our spouse, putting other things and people before our spouse? Doing what we felt like doing, irregardless of them or their desires, doing what is right in our own eyes. Refusing to listen? Would not your mate be angry when no matter what is done or said, no change occurs, would not that spouse maybe even talk about the "D" word?

Our Lord is so long suffering and full of mercy but what is it going to take to truly have a covenant marriage? It will take abandoned unrequited love. Commitment to one another, letting nothing interfere with that covenant marriage. It is the same with the Lord he wants our full attention, he wants our commitment to him. He wants our love and our love alone. Not doubled minded. Most of all he wants us to know His love, to Know Him as He truly is. Yeshua, Christ Jesus came as His beloved Son and was an example to us of how we are to be with the Father. He came in the fullest expression of God's love in human form. We are to live in continuous fellowship with the Lord, we are to become one with Him, as one loving others, being a vessel of healing and deliverance, through His perfect love, perfect faith and trust. Laying down ones life for God and others and picking up our cross No matter where that takes us. Yeshua spent the earliest part of the day in the mountain communing alone with the Father, and came down and went about His day as conduit of the Father's love. It begins in His chambers, he will meet you there.


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 THE SECRET OF BURNING by Bob Sorge It's the secret place that lights our fire, that sets us burning. I'm talking about a white-hot fiery zeal for the face of Jesus and for the concerns of His kingdom. Jesus came to kindle a fire on earth (Luke 12:49) by which He intended to set us ablaze with His own fiery passions and desires.
 To maintain its intensity, this fire must be constantly stoked by the intimate passions of the secret place. You are destined for fire. You will burn for all eternity--the only question is where. 
The longing of your breast is to be a living flame, ignited with the exhilaration of beholding His beauty, worshiping Him with uninhibited abandon, and deployed into the world with self-controlled, calculated zeal that does not love its own life even unto the death. 
You have something to live for because you have something to die for. 
You long to be a firebrand of holiness, which is why you'll never be satisfied with status quo Christianity. God's word is a fire (Jeremiah 23:29), and His presence is totally engulfed in fire (Ezekiel 1:4, 27; Daniel 7:9).
 When you approach God, you are drawing near to the great blazing inferno of the ages. To be set on fire, you must get close to God. When you feel cold, distant, and "out of it" spiritually, it's time to retreat to the closet, place yourself before the fireplace of His Word, and allow the intensity of His face to restore your fervency. 

The secret to staying ablaze for Jesus is not in responding to altar calls (as good as they are); it's not in having someone lay hands on you and pray for you (as valid as that is); it's not in listening to a good teaching tape or the latest worship CD; the only source for staying white-hot is in devoting yourself consistently to the place-of-the-shut door. 
It's the place where "the spirit of burning" (Isaiah 4:4) ignites your soul as you gaze upon His glory with an unveiled face (2 Corinthians 3:18). Do you desire a greater compulsion for the secret place? 
Invite the Burning One, the Holy Spirit, to ignite the eternal flame of His fiery jealousy in your life. 
The Scripture says, "The Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously" (James 4:5). The agenda of this yearning jealousy is that Christ's bride might be set ablaze with an exclusive and fiery passion for her Beloved. You can pray nothing more dangerously sublime than to say, "Holy Spirit, let Your burning jealously have its consuming way in my life, until every competing affection and false god is completely burned away and until one raging, all-consuming passion fills my entire being--love for the altogether Lovely One, the Man Christ Jesus!"

The book of Revelation describes the Holy Spirit in this way: "Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God" (Revelation 4:5). I have asked the Lord that the same might be said of me, that I might be described as " burning before the throne!" 
As a man who longs to burn for God, I have looked at Proverbs 6:27-28 differently from the typical approach. Primarily those verses are describing the harmful effects of adultery, but its secondary application is actually descriptive of the secret place with God: Can a man take fire to his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? Can one walk on hot coals, and his feet not be seared? (Proverbs 6:27-28). When you draw close to the fire of God's word, you are actually taking the fire into your bosom--and the leprous, filthy clothes of your old life are being burned away. 
As you step into the fiery presence of His secret place, you are walking on hot coals--and your feet are being seared to walk in the way of holiness and righteousness and obedience.
 The answer to these questions is, "No! Take the fire of God into your being and everything about your life will be different!" It's impossible to embrace this living fire and not be changed! Oh Lord, I pull Your fire to my bosom with fearful delight. 
John the Baptist was a man who burned for God! God took John into the wilderness in order to kindle a heavenly fire within him. When he was finally released into ministry, he was a living flame. 
Notice that in the following verses thrice Jesus asked, "What did you go out to see?" As they departed, Jesus began to say to the multitudes concerning John: "What did you go out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken by the wind? But what did you go out to see? A man clothed in soft garments? Indeed, those who wear soft clothing are in kings' houses. But what did you go out to see? A prophet? Yes, I say to you, and more than a prophet" (Matthew 11:7-9). Jesus testified that the people didn't go to John primarily to hear something, but to see something. Jesus described John as "the burning and shining lamp" (John 5:35).
 John was a man set on fire from heaven, a man who incubated his love for God through a steadfast commitment to the solitude in the secret place, and thus became a shining lamp for the entire nation to behold. The people came from all over to see this fire. People are always attracted to a great fire. Do something dangerous. Get alone with God! His "consuming fire" will burn away all from your life, until all that's left is love itself. This is our God, "Who makes...His ministers a flame of fire" (Hebrews 1:7). He'll make you one, too, if you'll let him






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