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New/Old Words Part 2.

The Fire Of My Love
Beloved Shoshanna
Jul 12 2005 12:00AM

Come My beloved, I am calling you into my chambers to stay awhile until You are full. When you have had your fill of My love for you, which has no end, you will never want to leave.
 I will never leave you nor forsake you, not like those who are fickle and chase after every green tree. I have chosen you as My bride, and just as a bride goes through the preparation so My daughter, have you. I have taken you through the darkness with only My light to go before your feet, the wilderness has many trials to test your love for me, whether to obey Me and trust me to provide or to trust in the arm of flesh. You have been washed and tried in the fire of My love, so now you are ready for the wedding garments. The sweet smell of your love rises to My nostril like sweet incense, the perfume upon the bed of our love has a sweet smell of frankincense and Myrrh.

Oh, beloved, how I have wanted the world would KNOW Me and love Me yet they have turned a way, they have rejected me.
 I have wanted a people called by My name, I have shown them my love, even as I have laid down My life, yet so few even noticed not even to acknowledge me, they have turned to other gods, and lust after them, they would not worship me, they have not feared me, they have removed everything that is in reference to My name, and replaced Me with other gods, even teaching their children to do the same.
 And now my love, I must bring judgement to them, for they do not KNOW Me, and I have said that if they would not seek me to know Me, and would turn after other gods I would destroy them. For I am a jealous God, I am a consuming fire, it burns with passion for My beloved, and it burns with the wrath of My jealousy for those who have turned away from Me.

The time has drawn near beloved, you must hide yourself in My Presence for a little while until the indignation of My wrath is done.
I have told You that I would keep you in the hour that will try the whole world, and so I am true to My word. I have been preparing you in the secret place, and those who love Me shall want for nothing, and when famine comes it shall not come to your house nor pestilence near your door, for I shall ask My angels to keep charge over you. Oh! My daughter My bride, I shall rejoice over you, do not leave Me beloved, stay near by My side, you shall not fear, I shall guide you with My eyes.

Wait upon me, until the day I pour out My indignation even all My fierce anger for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of My jealousy.
Sing oh daughter of Zion, shout oh Israel be glad and rejoice with all your heart, oh, daughter of Jerusalem, for I will save you and come rejoicing and singing with joy over you. For I have hid you for a little while and now you shall come forth as a bride prepared for her groom
 Many have wanted to be My bride, but I have chosen you for you have chosen me, the best part, rather then the things of the world, the idols made with hands. Come close My beloved as I whisper love in your ear, you must learn to hear even in the noise of the crowds, your Beloveds voice.
 You shall hear My voice even as you sleep, but even as you sleep you are in My arms of love, for I am watching over you, even in the night seasons. Trust only in Me, not your own wisdom, ask Me before you make a decision, for it will be very vital to know which way to turn, neither to the left nor to the right, only what you hear me speak, if you hear nothing, do nothing, for I am teaching you that we are ONE, and so we move as One. Come beloved, continue to learn of me, to KNOW My heart so that you can do greater things than I, for I have called you to a walk of love, this is the path I took and so must you, for it is in My footsteps that you shall walk. Just as I overcame, so you shall overcome in My name and by My blood and the word of your testimony to the world. So come beloved and enter in with Me into the bridal chamber for it is a time for love, come enter into the holy of holies. Hide yourself in Me.