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We Need you Desperately Lord

 In Your Presence by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera

We Need you Desperately

Beloved Shoshanna


Lord we need you desperately in this hour, come Lord Jesus fill us. Oh Lord our soul longs for you, We are thirsty Lord for more of you, there is none like you Lord, we need you to overwhelm us so that we can be transformed by you. We want to be in your image Lord.

Lord one look from you and we will be floating  in Your Presence, bathing in your sweet liquid gold of your love. Melt us Lord, bathe us in your liquid love.

Lord there is none like you, we adore you Lord, You are our everything!

Lord I ask you to touch each one that reads this in a special way by Your Presence, that they begin to hunger for you Lord that they get such a desire to drink of your spirit, that they begin to seek You Lord, that nothing or no one that can take your place. 

 If they have wandered from your embrace, from Your Presence  I ask you to draw them back by the cords of your love.

 Come holy Spirit, We are overwhelmed by Your Presence, You search the deepest parts of our hearts,you see all. You the spirit of truth know everything, we  know we can bear our hearts to you and You will  always give us  your tender gentle love.  We desire to bear our hearts to you Lord. we know your sweet comfort and listening ear is always there to give us your patient understanding.  Hear our prayers and come to us we are longing for you.  

 Lord listen as they bear their hearts to you.  We desire to be transformed by you Lord, to wake up in your image, to see your reflection to be filled with your fullness of joy, to be full of  Your light, that we can be lights to those around us.

Come Lord fill us Lord, like a flood of your love, pour out Your Presence fill us with the holy Spirit Lord. Fill our longing Lord.

 My Precious one, I hear your cry, I love to hear your love for me, I love to hear your heart cry out to me, it pleases Me so.  Come child enter in, and close the door, sit at My feet and tell me your hearts desire, bear your heart and shed your tears, as I capture every tear so precious to Me.

The door into My kingdom is your love for me and for others. When I have your heart I and My Father and the Holy Spirit come to reside in you,, in your heart and begin to form you into My image, just as my angels and the host of heaven bear My inage and My heart, they worship me night and day. And I would have you to worship me in this manner.

Don't give up child, I must test My own, suffering  molds you into My image, suffering brings about patience, humility and faith, all things brought about for your good.

Beloved as you obey Me I know you love Me. I have searched your heart and I know what is there, and I know that I cannot let you move away from Me for the time is come, the hour is being  fulfilled, You need My Presence to carry you through the coming days.  We have entered into days that will prove those who are mine and those who are not.

It will be a great trial for those who love me, but when you see the things happening all around you turn to me, pour your love out on me, I will care for you beloved I hold you in my hands. I love you.

  Don't turn away to look at the world to look at the things that are disappearing from your very eyes, keep them on the one who has given His life for you, it is a price beloved yours is so small, such a small price to give up everything for your Lord.  Beloved You will never be separated from Me unless you move away by your own will. 

 Do not look at the signs, nor the destructions keep them on Me, and trust Me. As I promised in My word it will not return unto Me void.

Do you remember Lots wife beloved? She wanted one last look before she was destroyed.

Once you were so devoted to Me, but now you are moving away from me in your thoughts, listening to other voices,you are looking at the messages instead of the messenger. 

 You must not turn away to look at what is being destroyed, don't be fearful of what is coming on the earth, for I called My beloved ones to Me to fall in love with me just as you did for your spouse, but the things of the world and the cares of this life began to pull you away, little by little you lost a little of the desire for me you once had you began to allow things to pull you away and you began to stop coming to me like you once did. you began to commit spiritual adultery, just as some do with your earthly spouses, they pull away and get other interests and the love dies and the union dies.

Beloved I want a hot fire burning in your heart for Me so that nothing will pull you away, that the world can collapse but you beloved will be at My feet consumed with My love in the quiet spaces, shut everything out, leave those distractions and come to Me beloved.

I love to hear your longing for me to behold You as You gaze on Me.  As your tears fall on Me.

Come, come into your secret chamber and close the door and the troubles will pass, and you will forever be in My Presence.



See In A Glass The Glory Of The Lord

 A Glass The Glory Of The Lord
Beloved Shoshanna

Follow me child, walk in My footsteps and I shall show you the kingdom of Heaven. Behold Me as in a mirror until you see Me face to face.

Listen and I shall speak of things unknown to you, but you must walk in love. I hold the secrets of the universe, but if you will become one with Me you shall know them for I will reveal them to you.

For I am love, I am light, the only way into the kingdom is through me. Watch Me, what you see Me do is what the Father is doing. It is difficult to know how to walk unless you see me as I walk. Reaching out to those around Me, teaching, sharing, loving, forgiving.

Heavens gates open to those that radiate My light, it reveals your perfection in love, this is your highest goal, all the angels and all the heavenly beings shine brightly they are full of light, only those who walk in darkness will be outside the gate.

Cry out to me to give you strength. Love is sacrificial, you give until it hurts. this opens all doors to blessing.

Love blesses, it edifies, bring your tongue into submission, it is an unruly evil, and causes many to fall time and time again. Let your words be few, for with your mouth you cannot bless God and curse others.

Do not speak to others harshly but let your words edify and build up, words bring life or death, Life is in the power of the tongue.

Man is easily offended, offense builds walls between you and your neighbors, and love cannot penetrate it is harder to win back a friend that has been offended, but soft words turn away wrath. Love chips away at the wall until it comes down.

True power comes when love flows freely. Pride puts up the wall that is erected when there is an offense. When love flows humility honors, and self is brought low.

All your days are numbered, take heed to every day to love and honor Me and your neighbor. Do not waste time on things that have no eternal value. Measure each activity by how it will help you to reflect me and be counted as fruit to your account, do what is needful and leave the rest to me.

Spend time to reflect on me, face to face beholding me.

We with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory Even as by the spirit. 2corinthians 6:3.

Yes reflect on me often. come sit before Me and allow me to shine in areas of your heart that do not reflect Me. Let me wash away the stains of sin. You will find you will grow more in peace and love, the fruit of the spirit will manifest abundantly.

Go through the day, separating yourself from the cares of the world, praying without ceasing and giving of thanks. by acknowledging me you are able to continually walk in My spirit. Examine yourself daily so that you can see My light entering where once was darkness, and can see the darkness still residing there, give it to Me to wash clean, you must be clean to walk in holiness. Let go of your own thoughts and attitudes. You must walk in peace for where strife is, My Presence cannot reside. Think before you speak so that your words will build and edify rather then wound.

This is a time of testing of the whole world but if you will obey me, and allow Me to wash you clean, I will keep you from that hour as I have promised, you will be tested greatly will you endure, will you to look to Me alone?

The hour glass is filled in the sands of time, be mindful of all you say and do in this hour, for the hour of My coming is near. Behold your king! Do you see My glory reflecting back to Me, keep your gaze on me and you shall see it.
I want you to be prepared for me when I come, I come for a bride without spot or wrinkle

When you were a child, you spoke as a child, you understood as a child, you thought as a child when you became full grown you put away childish things. for now you see through a glass darkly, but then face to face, when you see Me face to face you shall be as I am. Behold My face often beloved.

Stay in My everlasting arms and you shall see My glory!
 Prayer to Our Beautiful God

Lord we love you, you are so beautiful! We long for your Presence,
we long for you to take us higher,
we want more of You.
Give us a hunger, for more of Your Presence.
Lord we want you to flow through us, we long for Your love to fill us
and flow through us to others.
Lord You are all we need..
We long for you!

We must go lower, until we are a helpless grain of sand,
until we are completely utterly abandoned to You,
laying in Your hand that you may fill us with your Presence,
until there will be no more of us but only You.

Lord we want to be so full of You, that there is no more room for self,
to do our own thing.
Lord we want to bathe in Your Presence. Lord cover us,
fill every cavity of our cells,
with Your Presence, so that we can not even think our own thoughts,
speak our own words but speak only that which comes from your lips.
That our mind is that of Christ, thinking only that which is true, noble, just,
pure lovely words,
speaking only good, virtuous and praise worthy words.

Lord You are our Beloved, You are our One desire. We want to see you face to face,
you are beautiful to our eyes,
we long for Your touch, we long for Your voice to speak to us.
Come Lord Yashua, Come Lord Yashua, we look for that time when we will be made
One as your bride.
You are My Beloved, You are my friend. Come away with Me My love.......

Lord look at us, Lord we want to be beautiful to you, we want to be pure,
we want to have you look at us with Love.
Lord take away all that offends that we might be without spotless and white.
Lord we are Your bride and we look forward to Your return
so that we can be forever side by Your side.

Come to Us Lord, come away with us Lord. We love you, You are our heart.........
We want to bathe in Your Presence, for there we find fullness of Joy.


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